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Elevate Bundle
Create the best sounding master with this multi-band limiter, human-ear EQ, and audio maximizer.
Regular price: $199.00
Sale price: $99.00
Elevate Bundle 1212-000
Elevate Upgrade from EQuivocate
Elevate Upgrade from EQuivocate
Requires ownership of EQuivocate license. Get a free copy of EQuivocate here.
Regular price: $179.00
Sale price: $79.00
Versatile Delay effect capable of rhythmic delays, reverbs, modulation and everything in between.
UltraTap 1209-001
A multi-effects plug-in using new transient/tonal separation technology
Fission 1206-001
Flexible room reverb featuring 2 movable mics and dynamics control over the room.
Tverb 1200-001

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