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Our stompboxes come with a 1 year warranty.

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Studio Quality Effects at Your Feet

Our stompboxes feature: plug-and-play expression pedal control of wet/dry mix or any combination of parameters; control program changes and vary parameters continuously via MIDI; support instrument or line level inputs and outputs.

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Includes Eventide's signature reverbs, delays, pitch-shifting and modulation plus exclusive like the award-winning CrushStation and SpaceTime.
H9 Harmonizer®
The H9 Harmonizer® includes Eventide's signature delay, reverbs, chorus/modulation and pitch-shifting effects. Preloaded with 10 algorithms and 99 presets.
The H9 Core includes pristine pitch and delay effects from the original Harmonizer studio processors, H910 and H949. Preloaded with 25 presets.
OX 9
A handcrafted H9 auxiliary switch with a form-fitting design that gives you more control and takes up less space on your board.
Tesla Tap
The Tesla Tap is a dedicated Tap Tempo Switch for the H9 Harmonizer and can be programmed to do anything within the auxiliary program menu, such engaging the tuner.
TimeFactor features two independent delays in mono or stereo plus a 12 second looper.
Create subtle sonic landscapes that stand out in a mix with the chorus and modulation effects available in the ModFactor.
Arpeggiate, modulate, sequence, split and shift your sound with the tools born of 40+ years in the studio and on stage.
Whether you need an intimate or galactic sound, Space delivers an amazing range of reverb effects.